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Claim NORD: Private & SEED Investors

NORD token address on Ethereum 0x6e9730ecffbed43fd876a264c982e254ef05a0de

Release Schedule for Private and SEED Investors


If you have already setup MetaMask or other Web3Wallet with NORD, skip to the Token Withdraw Section

If using a hardware wallet to store your tokens (Ledger, Trezor) you can connect it to MetaMask rather than importing your account. Connecting MetaMask instructions:

1) Import your account to MetaMask. This is the account you used to obtain NORD as an Advisor or Private Investor. You can use the private key or JSON file to import (or Connect Hardware Wallet).

2) Add a small amount of ETH to your account to cover transactions (.05 recommended).

3) Add the NORD token to your wallet

a) Click on Add token

b) Click the Custom Token item and enter in the NORD Token address. The remaining details will auto-populate. Click Next.

c) Click Add Tokens to add to your wallet view. You will have 0 NORD tokens to start. In the next steps, you will add NORD to your wallet.

Use DeFiWizard Investor dApp to transfer NORD to your wallet.

4) Go to

5) Connect MetaMask or TrustWallet

6) Once connected you will see information related to your amount of NORD. This includes:

7) Press the Withdraw tokens button to start the process. This will transfer the entire amount from Available to your Wallet Address. Confirm the transaction in the MetaMask popup.

Once the withdrawal transaction is processed, you should see your NORD token amount in MetaMask, and can transfer/send/exchange as you would any other ERC20 token.

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