Staking guide for ZeroSwap Liquidity Mining.

Step 1: Visit: and connect your wallet using MetaMask or dApp browser.

Step 2: Add Liquidity of ZEE and ETH by clicking Add ZEE-ETH Liquidity button.

Step 3: Approve ZEE-ETH-UNI-V2 to Staking Contract.

Step 4: Stake ZEE-ETH-UNI-V2 tokens by entering the amount and clicking Stake Button.

Step UnStake: Unstake ZEE-ETH-UNI-V2 by entering the amount to be unstaked.

Step Claim Rewards: Claim ZEE rewards through Claim Rewards.


Do rewards get transferred automatically on unstaking?

NO. Unstake is a transferring ZEE-ETH-UNI-V2 from Staking contract back to user wallet. ZEE rewards should be claimed separately

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